Super FastPrep-2™
Hand Held Homogenizer

hand held homogenizer

Highest Yield and Molecular Weight DNA

The SuperFastPrep-2™ from MP Biomedicals is the newest addition to the trusted FastPrep Family of sample preparation products. An evolution of the famous high-throughput sample preparation system from Bio101® Systems, with more than 8,000 installations worldwide, FastPrep® provides a unique means of homogenizing by which any type of sample, no matter how tough, can be quickly and consistently lysed within 5 seconds. For the first time, FastPrep® technology is available in a lightweight, compact, handheld format.
When compared to traditional homogenization methods such as vortexing, ultrasonication, rotor-stator homogenizers, grinding with a mortar and pestle, or chemical or enzymatic lysis, the SuperFastPrep-2™ will save hours of work during the sample preparation stage and provide higher yields of intact DNA, RNA and Proteins.See more.

An innovation in the sample lysis industry, the SuperFastPrep-2™ is a portable omni-directional bead beating system with a unique, patent pending balanced crankshaft– slider mechanism which creates the most aggressive bead beating lysis based on combination of cascade impaction, mechanical shearing, and if the sample is in buffer, shear flow lysis. The combined kinetics of the processes result in an amazing performance of 5 seconds or less lysing time for most samples.

A completely self-contained system, SuperFastPrep-2™ eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and time-consuming clean-up associated with manual lysis methods. Simply add sample and buffers to the Lysing Matrix tube containing specialized beads specific to your application. The ergonomic design ensures ease in loading sample tubes, which remain securely sealed during processing.

Designed for two 2 ml Lysing Matrix tubes, the SuperFastPrep-2™ is an attachment that fits on a high speed rotary tool. Attachment to the tool is done via a built-in threaded adapter. The rotary tool can be configured for AC power for use in a lab setting, or for DC power via rechargeable lithium ion batteries for use in the field.

A wide variety of specialized Lysing Matrix tubes containing beads of different materials, sizes and shapes have been tailored to guarantee thorough homogenization of samples from various sources as bacteria, yeast, fungi, botanical samples (including seeds), insects, mammalian tissues, (bone, skin, brain, tumor) and cultured cells.

High performance FastPrep® Purification Kits, when used in conjunction with the FastPrep-24™ Instrument, provide simple, ready-to-use methods for the release and subsequent purification of intact DNA, RNA, and proteins from virtually any source. Hide this content.

Pricing & Availability

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116012500 - 1 each Price currently not available -

The world's only sample preparation lab in a box.

Completely portable, cordless operation for go-anywhere grinding, lysis and homogenization.

Each SuperFastPrep-2™ comes with:

  • One (1) Super FastPrep-2™ unit
  • One (1) Rotary tool
  • Two (2) Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • One (1) Battery Charging Station
  • Ten (10) samples of MP Lysing Matrices
  • Four (4) tube support plugs
  • User Manual
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MP116012500Super FastPrep-2™
MP116011510Field Carrying Case
MP116011520Voltage Converter
The World's Fastest, Homogenizer for the Extraction of DNA, RNA and Proteins.
Super Easy, Super Fast!
Typical SuperFastPrep-2™ Workflow

This workflow shows the dry grinding of a dried corn kernel, one of the most difficult agro/bio samples to process. To demonstrate the quality of lysate we performed complete DNA purificatio followed by analysis with a NanoDrop spectrophotometer and a BioAnalyser system from Agilent Technologies. An MP Bio Lysing Matrix A tube with two 1/4 inch ceramic balls was used for grinding and a Zymo Research Plant/Seed DNA MiniPrep kit for DNA extraction and purification. After lysis, the sample was centrifuged and the supernatant was processed manually using a bind-wash-elute column based protocol as described in the kit. The resulting BioAnalyser image is presented, together with the DNA quantification data. At 5 seconds, the high quality and quantity of extracted DNA with low shearing is evident. At the longer grinding times, increased DNA shearing as well as decreased average molecular weights were observed.