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Why Choose SafTest™?
Reagents meet the rigorous standards established by AOAC and ASTM
Reagent kits are reproducible, lot-to-lot consistency, scalability, and easy to use
Evaluate 20 samples per hour, with as little as 10 - 50 μL sample volume
Each kit is configured and standardized for analysis of 110 samples at a cost of $4.5 per sample
Reagents are low hazard and require no toxic chemicals or solvents

SafTest™ Training
If you wish to have your samples tested on the SafTest™ instrument by MP Biomedicals, please follow the instructions below:

Fill out the following SafTest Sample Intake Form below and hit submit.

Once the form has been submitted, prepare samples for delivery to MP Biomedicals. Please include a copy of the completed form along with the samples.
Send all samples to:

MP Biomedicals
Attn. Chris Rainey
29525 Fountain Parkway
Solon, OH 44139

  • Please send at least 5 grams (or milliliters) of each sample. If the sample is a solid, send in powder form.
  • Clearly label each sample with an identifier (e.g. lot number), name of sample, and storage conditions.
  • The cost of testing will be $27/sample with a turnaround time of approximately 10 days.
  • Cost and turnaround times DO NOT apply to new platform set-up.

SafTest™ Sample Intake Form

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