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Our highly purified, recombinant, Taq DNA polymerase is supplied with buffers for each application, at two different concentrations and convenient pack sizes.

  • Standard Buffer: well known QBiogene 10x Incubation PCR Buffer with MgCl2 at 1, 5 mM as final concentration. Used since years by researchers in a broad range of reaction conditions.
  • XD Buffer: without detergent and without BSA, particularly suitable for automated reaction set up or HPLC systems. Other special applications are PCR on vegetable or beef material.
  • (NH4)2SO4 Buffer: it has been reported that buffers containing ammonium sulphate are able to improve the efficiency and specificity of some amplifications.
  • Direct Loading Buffer: a PCR Buffer which contains a densifying agent and a red purple dye that allows direct loading amplifications after the cycling without new handle.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
TAQ DNA POL (5U/ul) 250 u 11EPTQA025
TAQ & GO™ Ready to use PCR MIX for 50 μl reactions 100 Reactions 11EPTAG100
TAQ & LOAD™ PCR MasterMIX 100 Reactions 11EPTAL100

Isis DNA polymerase is a proofreading polymerase isolated from Pyrococcus abyssi.

  • 40x more accurate than Taq DNA Polymerase.
  • Reads through difficult secondary structure like GC rich domains.
  • Amplifies fragments up to 18 kb.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
ISIS DNA Polymerase 100 u 11EPSIS100

  • Chemically modified Taq DNA polymerase.
  • Low background.
  • Highly specific amplification.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
SurePRIME DNA Polymerase 250 u 11EPHSP025

Achieve sensitive and consistent PCR results with ultrapurified deoxynucleotides. Free of polymerase inhbitors each batch is specifically controlled for RNAse, DNAse and nicking contaminants activity.

This high quality standard is assured by stringent function testing in PCR on genomic template. Suitable for use in PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, cDNA synthesis, DNA sequencing and labeling. Avoid pipetting errors and cross-contamination using ready to use dNTP mix.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
dNTPs Set (100 mM each) 4 x 25 μmol 11NTACG100
dNTPs Mix (5 mM each) ready to use solution 5 μmol 11NTPMX050

Make your glass, plastic, pipettes and equipments Rnase free with Rnase Erase™. Eliminate PCR artifacts from all laboratory surfaces, including benchtops, apparatus and pipettors with DNA Erase.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
RNase Erase™ (to remove RNase contamination) 250 ml 04821682
DNA Erase™ (to remove DNA contamination) 500 ml 04821805
Water, DNA & RNAse Free 500 ml 04821932