With the use of MP Biomedicals Lysing Matrix E & Y in combination with FastPrep® Instrument expect the best results for your sample preparation step. Lysing Matrix E and Y tubes are designed to lyse all microorganisms including difficult sources such as eubacterial spores and endospores, gram positive bacteria and yeast, present in environmental samples.

Description Composition Pack Size Cat. No
Lysing Matrix E tubes
1.4 mm ceramic beads, 0.1 mm silica beads and 4 mm glass beads 50 x 2 ml 116914050
100 x 2 ml 116914100
500 x 2 ml 116914500
25 x 4.5 ml 116974025
25 x 15 ml 116934025
10 x 50 ml 116954010
Lysing matrix Y 96-Well Plates
0.5 mm Yttria-stabilized Zirconium Oxide Spheres 10 x 96 well plate 116960001
10 x 96 well plate 116960010

Barcoded 96 well plates are available on request - contact-us.

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