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As a company focused on excellence, MP Biomedicals is devoted to meeting your research needs and providing you with the most innovative and highest quality tools for molecular biology and genomics research. Select a product type below to learn more about MP Biomedicals superior products designed to fit every need of today's molecular biologist.

Sample Preparation

MP Biomedicals provides a complete range of products for all steps of sample preparation. From lysis, extraction through purification of DNA, RNA and proteins, the FastPrep Family of products will handle your most difficult samples including plant, root, soil, waste water, skin, tissue, seeds, and feces in a few seconds, every time!
Now, it is easy to choose a sample type for your sample preparation needs.

Nucleic Acid Purification

Nucleic acids isolation and purification is a core part every molecular biology application. It is a routine activity, in which speed, yield, and quality are paramount, and only after completion, does the real research begin. We at MP Biomedicals want to get you through this essential chore as quickly and efficiently as possible. Try our products and see how much faster, simpler, and more economical they can make your DNA and RNA purifications!

PCR & Amplification

MP Biomedicals is an established manufacturer of PCR polymerases. Our customers are typically laboratories that demand the highest levels of reliability and who are not prepared to compromise on quality. The PCR product range covers requirements for general PCR, hot start, high fidelity, high sensitivity and multiplex PCR.

Cloning & Gene Expression

MP Biomedicals offers a broad array of products designed to save time and money without sacrificing results. From the purification and cloning of PCR products to the transformation of ligated DNA, MP Biomedicals kits are the answer to labs focused on quality.

Electrophoresis & Blotting

Discover novel products such as our method for eliminating ethidium bromide with the use of a "tea bag". Browse through our vast range of loading dyes, molecular weight ladders, and high quality agarose. Unless otherwise specified, all of the reagents listed are "molecular biology grade" to guarantee the highest level of quality in molecular biology applications. This distinction is critical when applying price-performance criteria in the selection of your suppliers.