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Bovine Proteins from New Zealand

MP Biomedicals New Zealand has gained an international reputation in providing bovine plasma proteins that are ISO certified and with Quality Systems audited to GMP Principals. These proteins are highly desired by the bio-pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry because of their high purity and intact proteins, that are processed without the compromising effect of traditional methods.

New Zealand sourced raw materials (GBR1 - Neglible BSE Risk) and an ISO quality system aim at the highest product safety standard, endorsed by EDQM TSE Certification of Suitability. No BSE or List A animal disease.

MP ChromatoPur Bovine Proteins

High Purity, Intact Proteins - ISO certified and with Quality Systems audited to GMP Principals

State of the art chromatographic extraction without the denaturing effect of heat or solvents of more traditional methods and without residual caprylic acid.
Bovine Albumin:
1. Standard Grade
2. Specialty Grade
Bovine Transferrin:
Bovine transferrin is a plasma protein with the capacity to bind ferric ions and as such is a source of bio-availability. MP Bio Bovine transferrin is offered in two forms; Iron Saturated product (Holo) and iron depleted product (Apo). This allows versatility in applications.
This product is useful for structural and biological studies, as a reference standard, or as starting material for immunogen preparation. It is prepared using salt fractionation and/or chromatographic techniques.
Bovine fibrinogen plasma is 95% clottable and supplied as a lyophilized powder. It can be used for preparation of fibrin plates for analysis of fibrinolytic enzymes. Additionally, it can be used as a substrate for clotting assays, and study of fibrinogen degradation products.
ChromatoPur Proteins are the Best
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Microbiological Grade Bovine Albumin
Microbilogical Grade BSA from MP Biomedicals was developed specifically to reduce or replace the requirement for serum supplementation in cell culture media. A proprietary chromatographic separation process was used to purify the high performance, high purity product from new Zealand origin bovine plasma. This process ensures the preservation of naturally occurring lipids associated with purified albumin of value for cell growth. Hence our product is a premier choice to replace serum in media formulations.
Microbiological Grade BSA is suitable in serum-free media (SFM) for
A prominent NIAID researcher states:
"Chromatographically purified NZ BSA from MP Biomedicals has been tested successfully with parasite-infected cell lines representing all major endemic continents. Additionally, DNA transfections using various selectable agents (WR99210, blasticidin S, trimethoprim) have shown to be successful and it is also compatible with the c-SNARF limiting dilution assay."
Superior Quality
Product Specifications
Appearance Yellow to Brown
Purity ≥ 97% w/w
Endotoxin ≤ 1 EU/mg
Bioburden ≤ 100 cfu/g
Mycoplasma None Detected
Virus None Detected
Total Protein ≥ 95%
pH 6.5 - 7.5 (4% w/v)
Solubility 20% solution dissolves: 20 min.
Conductivity Tested
Ash Tested
Ions Tested