Product Types
MP Biomedicals was one of the first to manufacture commercially available P-32 nucleotides and has been supplying Life Science researchers with high quality radiochemicals for nearly 50 years. MP Radiochemicals offers a full portfolio of radiolabled compounds including nucleotides and nucleosides, CAT assay reagents, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, ligands and radionuclides. Many radiochemical compounds are offered with your choice of isotope including P-32, S-35, P-33, C-14 and tritium. Most MP radioactive reagents are shipped for next day delivery in the VersatainerTM Packaging System, the safest and most convenient radiological delivery system in the world. From probe labeling to kinase assays, cell labeling and metabolic pathway analyses, if you have a radiochemical application, MP has the products to fulfill your needs.