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MP Biomedicals has been a global leader in providing innovative tools across the Isolate, Culture and Detect (ImmunoSolutions) workflow over 50 years. Our goal is to provide the best in quality at a competitive price combined with flexibility and customization to accelerate your research. Why look anywhere else when you can get the One-Stop shopping luxury at MP Biomedicals? Click Pick and Publish using the best selection of tools for your research.
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Immuno Solutions workflow
Isolation of lymphocytes from whole human blood is needed for several areas in immunology. MP Biomedicals is a global leader in providing wide range of tools for isolation of lymphocytes. Select from our top selling formulations to meet your research needs.
Culturing of cells is essential of for downstream cellular analysis and the choice of correct media is critical. MP Biomedicals offers a complete line of standard and specialty culture media to meet your research workflow needs. Explore our breath of well tested, validated and customized formats of cell culture media, serum free media and supplement.
Immunodetection can be successful by choosing the right tools to meet the application. MP Biomedicals is there to assist you through our offering of 10,000+ polyclonal, monoclonal, secondary and stem cell antibodies, detection reagents, purified proteins and immunohistochemistry reagents. Let us be your partner to meet all your needs for Immunodetection.
Immuno Solutions Products
The best outcome in an immunoassay depends on the choice of immuno detection reagents. MP Biomedicals would like to be your partner in offering a wide range of Alkaline Phosphate, Horeseradish Peroxidase, Streptavidin, Avidin, Biotin, Protein A and G conjugated reagents for Immunodetection. Explore the possibilities to meet all your detection needs.
Identification of specific molecules in multiple types of tissues is critical to understand cell growth and differentiation. Localization of the antigens necessitates the use of highly validated Immunodetection reagents. MP Biomedicals offers a wide array of highly validated reagents for your needs in Immunohistochemistry.
Mycoplasma which contaminates tissue culture cells is one of the main concerns for cell biologists. Antibiotics have been used to control these mycoplasmas but at high concentrations, they can be lethal to the cells. MP Biomedicals offers a perfect solution to combat these mycoplasmas without affecting the cells. Learn more about our Mycoplasma Removal Agent.
Stem cells are distinct because they can differentiate into many different cell types. Continuing research on stem cells has shed light on how an organism develops from a single cell and can replace diseased and damaged cells with healthy cells. Stem cells research has opened new doors to treatments in cancer, diabetes and heart disease. MP Biomedicals can facilitate your research needs in stem cell biology through our offering of highly validated and specific monoclonal antibodies.