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Safeguard your employees' health with the trusted radiation monitoring service from MP Dosimetry


MP Dosimetry is committed to providing any medical practice with the best value monitoring service on the market. At the end of each wear period, we will analyze your badges and provide you with a very easy to understand report. Our goal is to provide you with “peace of mind”, protect unborn children, and ensure safe levels of radiation at work. We provide the highest caliber service, at the most competitive price and no complex array of incidental charges.


Services Include:   
  • On-time badges delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly
  • Online dose report once published (paper copy available upon request)
  • NRC Form-5
  • Duplicate reports for no additional fees
  • Flexibility to add or remove badges anytime during a cycle with no additional fees
  • Ability to ship badges at no additional shipping cost during a cycle (ex: new employees)
  • No additional sign up or cancellantion fees
  • Free control with every cycle shipment
  • Return address envelope for old badges (does not include pre-paid shipping label)

Free Dose Reports






TLD XBGN Badge   TLD Ring   Badge Board

Appropriate for nearly all medical and industrial radiation and x-ray environments, the badge is our most popular form of monitoring. It is applicable for x-ray, beta, gamma & detecting neurons, and beta 76 keV-MeV. It will show the presence of neurons and it calculates doses at deep, shallow, and lens of the eye tissue depths.


The TLD ring is best for individuals who directly handle radioactive materials or whose extremities are directly exposed to x-ray beams. It has the ability to monitors extremity exposure to radiation. It is applicable for x-ray, beta, photons, beta 76, keV-5 MeC, photon 20keV-MeV.


Help prevent late, lost or damaged badges by providing a secure place to store them. When the tech leaves the room, he or she removes the badge and clips it to the board. An adhesive on the back of the board makes it easy to safely stick it to a visible spot on the wall without causing damage. Having a secured place to store the badges limits the possibility of false readings.




The following badges are for a one year contract with a service interval of quarterly. Please contact us for pricing on different contract lengths and service intervals.


SKU Description Device Location (body) Dose Calculation Service Interval
202001AM1 TLD Area Monitor Badge Area Monitor Standard Quarterly
204001AM1 TLD Area Monitor Badge with Track Etch Area Monitor Track Etch Quarterly
202001CH1 TLD Body Badge Body Standard Quarterly
204001CH1 TLD Body Badge with Track Etch Body Track Etch Quarterly
202001CL1 Collar TLD Badge Collar Standard Quarterly
204001CL1 Collar TLD Badge with Track Etch Collar Track Etch Quarterly
205001WC1 Collar TLD Badge with Webster Calculation Collar Webster Quarterly
202001EN1 Environmental TLD Badge Environmental Standard Quarterly
204001EN1 Environmental TLD Badge with Track Etch Environmental Track Etch Quarterly
202001LW1 Left Wrist TLD Badge Left Wrist Standard Quarterly
202001RW1 Right Wrist TLD  Badge Right Wrist Standard Quarterly
202001WA1 Waist TLD Badge Waist Standard Quarterly
204001WS1 Waist TLD Badge with Track Etch Waist Track Etch Quarterly
205001WW1 Waist TLD Badge with Webster Calculation Waist Webster Quarterly
205001WS1 TLD Badge set (waist & collar) with Webster Calculation Waist and Collar Webster Quarterly





The following rings are for a one year contract with a service interval of quarterly. Please contact us for pricing on different contract lengths and service intervals.


SKU Description Device Location (body) Dose Calculation Service Interval
203001LU1 Left Hand Ring TLD Badge Left Hand Ring Standard Quarterly
203001RU1 Right Hand Ring TLD Badge Right Hand Ring Standard Quarterly




Badge Boards


SKU # of badges Size of Board Layout Price (USD)
20BBAM01 1 5.5" x 4.5" 1  $      20.00
20BBEN01 1 5.5" x 5.5" 1  $      20.00
20BB02 2 7" x 4" 2x1  $     25.00
20BB04 4 7" x 7" 2x2  $     40.00
20BB06 6 10" x 7" 3x2  $     50.00
20BB08 8 13" x 7" 4x2  $     60.00
20BB10 10 17" x 8" 5x2  $     70.00
20BB12 12 13" x 11" 4x3  $     80.00
20BB14 14 23" x 8" 7x2  $     90.00
20BB16 16 14" x 14" 4x4  $   100.00
20BB18 18 21" x 12" 6x3  $   110.00
20BB20 20 17" x 15" 5x4  $   120.00
20BB24 24 19" x 15" 6x4  $   140.00
20BB28 28 22" x 14" 7x4  $   160.00
20BB30 30 18" x 16" 6x5  $   165.00
20BB32 32 24" x 15" 8x4  $   170.00
20BB35 35 21" x 17" 7x5  $   180.00
20BB40 40 24"x17" 8x5  $   190.00