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FastPrep-96™ Homogenizer

High throughput homogenization, grinding and lysis with
the highest efficiency, quality and reproducibility.

Perform your DNA, RNA, protein and small molecule extractions from the most difficult, dirty, tough or tiny samples.

With the highest power settings available, FastPrep-96™ utilizes high-speed linear motion to disrupt any tissues or cells thoroughly through the simultaneous beating of specialized lysing matrix particles.

FastPrep-96™ offers the widest variety of sample adapters (2 x 96 deep well plates, 96 x 2 mL, 48 x 4.5 mL, 24 x 15 mL, 8 x 50 mL and 1 x 250 mL tubes) and a simple, accurate, closed loop control of lysing power and speed. All this and more make the new FastPrep-96™ the perfect solution for all your high volume sample preparation needs.
  • High Throughput - Process up to 192 samples in 2 x 96 deep well plates
  • Exceptional Versatility - Interchangeable adapters
  • Excellent Reproducibility - Consistent lysis results
  • Fast Processing Speed - 1800 Oscillations/min and 1.5-inch stroke
  • True Linear Motion - Eliminates the need to re-orient plates mid-cycle


Pricing & Availability

SKU-Pack Size Availability Price (USD)
116010500 - 1 eachIn Stock$15,120.00


Fast, Easy Workflow - Any Sample Types - All Applications

FastPrep-96™ Adapters
Cat No. Description Size Pricing
116010-500 FastPrep-96™ Instrument N/A $0.00
116010-550 BigFlex™ Adapter 8 x 50 mL $0.00
116010-560 TeenFlex™ Adapter 24 x 15 mL $0.00
116010-570 QuickFlex™ Adapter 96 x 2 mL $0.00
116010-580 TallFlex™ Adapter 48 x 4.5 mL $0.00
116010-590 LargeFlex™ Adapter 1 x 250 mL $0.00

2 x 96 well plate adapter

Note: With the purchase of a Coneflex Legacy Adapter you can use any FastPrep-24™ 5G adapter on your FastPrep-96™ Homogenizer.


Accurate & Efficient - Lysing Bead Matrice Tubes (2ml, 4.5ml, 15ml or 50ml tubes)

FastPrep® Lysing beads and matrices make difficult-to-lyse samples easy. No matter how tough or resistant your samples are our bead beating tubes will effectively disrupt cell walls, providing the highest yields of nucleic acids and proteins in a matter of seconds. Sample lysis tubes from MP Biomedicals are highly reproducible with no cross-contamination. All lysing matrix tubes are standard sizes and fit just about any homogenizer on the market. We offer a wide variety of lysing beads and matrices to fit all sample types and applications. But remember, it's not the tubes that are important - It's What's Inside That Counts!


Highest Yields - DNA, RNA & Protein Extraction Kits

The FastDNA-96™ series of kits are designed for the simple and rapid isolation of high purity, PCR-ready DNA from human, animal and plant tissues, microbes, soil and other samples. This series of products can be used to isolate DNA from tough-to-lyse samples as well as from dirty (i.e. highly contaminated) samples such as forensic samples, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae. The purification step removes all PCR inhibitors commonly found in a variety of dirty and difficult samples such as wastewater, fecal materials, soils, sediments and others. Samples are rapidly ground, homogenized and lysed. Cells are efficiently lysed by bead beating inside FastPrep-96™ system, utilizing our state of the art, ultra-high density Lysing Matrix series of beads, prepackaged in the deep 96 well plate format. FastSpin plate and other standard format technology is then used to isolate the DNA, which, if necessary, is subsequently filtered to remove humic acids and polyphenols which can inhibit PCR. The procedure can be performed in minutes. There is no need for organic denaturants or proteinases