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MP Biomedicals supports all major E-Procurement providers, including SciQuest, Ariba, SAP, Perfect Commerce and Oracle, to name a few. Business-to-business (B2B) connectivity supports access to product information through our catalogs hosted in your IT environment. This allows MP Biomedicals customers to integrate their procurement systems through real-time punch-out transactions, static-hosted or catalog-based transactions. MP Biomedicals supports your procurement through cXML, EDI formats.

Key Benefits
Minimizes requisition times and reduces costs
Streamline order placement and processing
Send & receive PO's & invoices electronically
Speeds turnaround - instantaneous order entry to our fulfillment center
Who Can Benefit
Business Office Personnel
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Financial Officers
Environmental Health and Safety
IT Administrators
Logistics and Compliance Managers
Procurement Professionals
Purchasing Agents
Stockroom/Core Managers

An E-Catalog is a customized file containing all product data, including your personal and list pricing which is produced and maintained by MP Biomedicals. The catalog file is uploaded to your procurement platform, where you can search, compare, and purchase products electronically. Some platforms also use a "Marketplace" feature where our products, prices, delivery times etc. can be compared directly against our competitors. Examples of catalog based procurement platforms are SciQuest, Ariba, and Science Warehouse. MP Biomedicals operates with a number of catalog formats including .XLS, .CIF, .CSV, .XML, and .TXT.


Once you've enabled punchout, you can buy products on our website easily through your E-Procurement system. Just add products to your MP Biomedicals cart and the selected products can be "punched back" into your procurement system for automated order approval by staff such as lab managers, health and safety, and finance, before the order is placed. One value of punchout is that you will have all your purchasing and supplier information in one easy to report system-allowing strong control and management of your supply base.


E-Invoicing is the term that refers to transferring invoices electronically, removing the requirement for human intervention, reducing manual errors. E-invoicing projects are becoming commonplace with customers moving to streamline their payment process and increase business efficiency.

MP Biomedicals can process invoices created in a number of different data formats including .EDI, .XML, and .CSV. We can e-invoice either directly to your host system or via an e-invoicing platform. For more information on the platforms we are currently connected to, please contact our E-Procurement Team.


Procurement staff, researchers or any individual in your organization can access MP Biomedicals high quality products simply, easily and securely by logging onto our public Web site.