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MP Biomedicals' new CellMaxx Bovine products are obtained from New Zealand sources and prepared to final specification in New Zealand in an ISO quality system. New Zealand has the highest possible biosafety level with negligible BSE risk. This classification provides the greatest risk mitigation and the greatest assurance that cells will not be exposed to harmful biological agents. State-of-the-art chromatographic extraction ensures high purity, intact proteins, processed without the denaturing effect of heat or solvents used in more traditional methods. The combination of the technology performed in an ISO quality system ensure a high level of process control and product consistency, meeting the stringent demands of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

CELLMaxx (TM) Bovvine Albumin (Stem Cell Supplement)

Our CellMaxx(TM) BSA of value for Stem Cell culture is chromatographically purified and is offered in three grades for addition to serum-free media (SFM).CellMaxx(TM) BSA supports the maintenance and growth of stem cells.

EmbryoGro Bovine Albumin, Embryo Transfer Grade

Looking for efficient production of healthy offspring following embryo transfer? Our EmbryoGro albumin improves development of embryos to late morulae-blastocsysts and increases the proportion of transferable quality embryos. Using EmbryoGro albumin during IVF and IVC results in more and better quality embryos than albumins from other sources.