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Run the DNA Gel electrophoresis for analytical purposes, after amplification of DNA via PCR, or as a preparative technique prior to use of other methods such as mass spectrometry, RFLP, PCR, cloning, DNA sequencing, or Southern blotting for further characterization.

This grade of Tris is suitable for use as a standard biological buffer in less critical applications where economy is an important consideration.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
Tris Molecular biology grade 1 kg 11TRIS01KG
Tris Ultra Pure 5 kg 04819638

EDTA is a chelating agent that binds to calcium. In biochemistry and molecular biology, ion depletion is commonly used to deactivate metal-dependent enzymes, either as an assay for their reactivity or to suppress damage to DNA or proteins.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
EDTA 100 g 0520189280

TBE buffer is used for the electrophoresis of nucleic acids and gives an excellent resolution of the DNA bands under low voltage. This buffer filtered through 0,2 μm PTFE is RNAse, DNAse and protease free.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
TBE 10x Buffer 1 L 11TBE10X02

Another convenient packaging for ethidium bromide. Protect yourself from inhaling hazardous powder using the special ready to use solution of MP Biomedicals ethidium bromide.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
Ethidium Bromide (10mg/ml) 10 ml 04802511

  • Highest quality and purity
  • Certified molecular biology grade
  • High resolution gels
  • Absence of inhibitors to restriction enzymes
  • Efficient Southern and Northern transfers

has high gel strength even at low concentrations. It is ideal for routine and rapid separation of DNA and RNA fragments.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
Basic Agarose Premiere 500 g 11AGAF0500

is recommended for sharp resolution of nucleic acid fragments greater than 1000 bp.

Description Pack Size Cat. No
Agarose Standard Low EEO 100 g 11AGAH0100

has finer sieving characteristics than standard agaroses. The low melting temperature permits nucleic acid recovery without denaturation or damage. The agarose will remain in a liquid state at 37°C allowing gel manipulations without prior DNA purification such as :

  • Enzyme digestion
  • DNA labelling
  • Random priming
  • PCR
  • Sequencing
  • Ligation
  • Nick Translation

Description Pack Size Cat. No
Agarose Low Melting Point 50 g 11AGAL0050